Sprinkler Installation Steps

We arrange for any plumbing or electrical permits required by the municipality. We notify our licensed electrical or plumbing subcontractors if needed. We call for underground utility locates.

When using a municipal water source our licensed plumber will install a cross-connection backflow device to protect your drinking water.

Before installation Steve stakes out all lawn and garden sprinkler head and valve locations.

Specialized machinery installs most of the pipe and control wire. These machines have a large knife blade that cuts through the ground pulling the pipe behind it. Usually the seam is unnoticeable within a week.

We hand dig in a tidy fashion. We cut the sod and lay it aside for reuse. We compact the soil when backfilling. If your sod was in a healthy state, you will see very little disturbance.

We use one inch and larger sizes of polyethylene pipe. Specially designed and labeled for the installation of irrigation systems. This pipe is able to handle the stress during the installation and the high pressure used to winterize it. All pipes and wire will be between 6 and 12 inches deep. We double clamp all pipe connections.

All valves and wire splices will be in an accessible valve box. We use #18 and #14 direct burial irrigation control wire. We use electrical conduit to protect any exposed control wires from grass trimmers and sunlight. We use waterproof wire connectors. Wiring problems are the most costly to diagnose and repair. It needs to be done correctly the first time.

We install rain sensors on all our systems. We install the controller in a garage or other easily accessible location.

We fully test and adjust all sprinkler heads for maximum uniformity of coverage. A base watering schedule will be set up for you. You will get onsite training. You get a diagram of your installed system, showing all head, pipe, wire, and valve locations. You will receive warranty, product, and maintenance information.

The company owner a Certified Irrigation Contractor supervises all new installations.

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