Protect Your Water Supply

Backflow preventers protect your water supply from contamination. Irrigation water may contain e-coli and poisons from your lawn. Irrigation systems using a well or a municipal water source require by law a testable back flow prevention device. Allowable backflows are double check valve assembly, reduced pressure atmospheric vacuum breaker and a reduced pressure assembly. Dual check valves are not allowed. Contractors that do not install proper backflow protection do not care about plumbing codes or cut corners. Tests and reports to the municipality are to be done when the device is first installed and on a yearly bases. A Certified Cross Connection Specialist is the only person allowed to perform these tests. Installation of a backflow protection device, by anyone other than a licensed plumber is not allowed. Most municipalities require permits to install back flow protection. Loyalist Irrigation Limited was the first irrigation contractor to register with the City of Kingston as a Certified Cross Connection Specialist.