Prequalify Your Contractor

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Contractor InformationYesNo
Proof of liability insurance.  
Proof of workers compensation insurance.  
Has a minimum of 5 years experience operating.  
An irrigation service business?  
Business registered in Ontario?  
Proof of membership in Landscape Ontario or the Irrigation Association.  
Involved in certification training to keep up to date with Technician, Contractor, Auditor and Designer certificates  
Rain Bird or Hunter manufacturers Select Contractor.  
You have a copy of contractor's warranty.  
You have client or professional references.  
Permits and licensed plumber are included.  
Legal backflow prevention is included when using Municipal water supply.  
You have a written contract covering all costs.  
Utility locates will be completed by the proper authorities.  
The irrigation system will conserve water by not watering non-growing surfaces.  
Promotes the use of PRS and Plus series Heads verses regular heads.  
Master valves and rain sensors are used.  
Irrigation services are the only priorities of this company.