Getting an Estimate

"A properly designed and installed lawn or garden watering system will protect your landscape investment, save you time and conserve water".

It is incorrect to assume the above statement. Without adding proper scheduling and maintenance. Not enough or too much water causes plant stress and sometimes plant death. Wasted water causes high water and sewer costs and the time you saved has been spent working overtime to pay them. A proper watering schedule can only be created by someone with knowledge. As the only Landscape Irrigation Auditor in the area we can protect your investment, save you time and conserve water. The watering schedule is determined by many factors. System precipitation rate, uniformity of coverage, soil intake rate and water holding capacity, plant root zone depth and evapotranspiration rate and weather are just a few things that need to be considered. An automatic sprinkler system is a tool for convenience only. It’s up to the client and the contractor’s knowledge to make it protect landscape investment, save time and conserve water. The lack of knowledge existing in the irrigation industry has always been a problem. Today anyone with a YouTube video and a shovel can claim to be an irrigation contractor. For many years the number of contractor’s in the area numbered 3 or 4. Number 4 usually went out of business quickly because they only offered a low price a bad system and worse service. Now there is a new guy every year offering low price no knowledge and bad service.

All lawn watering systems and garden sprinkler systems are different. Every lawn sprinkler company is different, even if they use products made by the same manufacturer. That manufacturer has many variations to its sprinklers, valves, and timers. An example of this is the Rain Bird 1800 series spray head, which can come in more than 24 different heights and versions. The price of the sprinkler system reflects the quality of the materials, the quality of the labor used to install it and the type of service you will receive afterwards. A system designed to conserve water will cost more up front, but can operate using less water if scheduled correctly. Professional irrigation services require a combination of many skilled trades. Knowledge in irrigation, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and business skills.

"There is more risk in buying a sprinkler system on price than any other purchase of the same amount. You cannot return a sprinkler system, and you cannot trade it in for another one. The wise man knows that he might be paying more at one time, as opposed to paying smaller amounts many times."

The most important decision you need to make is which contractor to hire. Remember that you will need routine service for many years to come.

Rough installation estimates by phone or e-mail are free. On site visits, precise estimates and designs are not free. Please go to our ‘Contact Us page’ only if quality is your priority.